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Here's What Some Have Said About Ed Golden

"What I learned today will definitely make a difference in my life." - K.N., Indianapolis, IN

"Ed Golden is a great program leader! Great content, easy to use workshop and presentation." - B.H., Cincinnati, OH

"Ed is an excellent communicator and seminar facilitator. He uses real life examples and humor to portray some really serious/stressful job & life situations." - R. B., Bloomington, MN

"This is the first seminar I've been to that has made the subject matter so clear and easy to understand and apply." - S. D., Elmira, NY

"Very informative and educational. Presented in a fun and energetic format. Instructor was very effective and passionate - great job!" - L.L., Elmira, NY

"Ed Golden is a very good speaker, he holds your attention and its very interesting. Ed keeps the group into it. He has a very positive energy. I enjoyed the seminar." - A. T., Washington, D.C.

"Mr. Golden was engaging and amusing, while being extremely informative. The things I learned today I will begin using tomorrow." - J. H., Washington, D.C.


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