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What is the true cost of training?

Are your employees as efficient as they could be?
Are they able to create and maintain relationships?
How do they treat their internal and external customers?
Are your managers and supervisors able to lead, inspire and motivate others, and execute?

Fortune 500 Companies use outside training sources 35% of the time, for credibility, and to effectively use time and money

Here is Our Fee Structure:

Note: Fees include average expenses, including workbooks, airfare, hotel, transportation and general expenses.

Ed will fly or drive to the location the night before and leave after the program, staying in moderately priced hotels. West coast will sometimes incur extra expenses if flight times aren't friendly.

The client is responsible for providing the location and refreshments as needed. All handout materials are included in the fee structure. Prices include up to 30 participants. Additional attendees are $5 each.

Ed provides laptop and projector, client provides screen and flip chart or erasable board as needed.

Keynote Speaking: call

Seminar or Workshop:

      1/2 day: 1 - 3 hours   $1,695 (expenses incl.)

      Full day: 4 - 6 Hours   $2,295 (expenses incl.)


Consulting:     $125 per hour plus travel expenses


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